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Green Screen
About Us / Founder
All the prints presented whid picture frame

Includes customized borders if desired
   (i.e., Logos, event names, date etc…)                                       

Green Screen Technology can instantly transport you and your guests to another place or time - alone or with celebrities.

Individuals, couples or groups are casually and quickly posed in front of a Green Screen and photographed. Guests can then choose from dozens of background scenes or something custom designed especially for your Simcha or event.

Print on Location Services
Green screen is FUN.
Corporate Event Coverage

We cover your conference or convention event and ensure a professional photographer & or Videographer with quality equipment and  in proper business attire to ensure a turnkey experience.

We provide a copy of all photos taken ( with copyright and upload photos to photosite for your company to download and photo share with a private password.

Green Screen Print on Location Services

We can produce up to 200 photos per hour.
We can email, ftp, arrange for high resolution download from this site, send to cell phone -- or any other delivery method you can dream up -- photos quickly and efficiently. Second, we can produce high quality, on location prints during an event to distribute to participants. Access to your images quickly permits your story to be told today, instead of in a few weeks.
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